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Interise Ace Advisor 2013

October 17, 2013 - Boston
Interise named Linda Swerling, founder of Level II Solutions, Inc., the Ace Advisor of 2013.

Family Business Awards

Boston Business Journal, Lisa van der Pool,
September 9, 2010
“Their being family-owned businesses adds a significant level of difficulty,” said Linda Swerling, CFO/Operations Specialist at Level II Solutions and judge for the Family Business Awards.

Separation of Powers -- Partnerships

CheerBiz News, Lee Erica Elder, August 3, 2010
We asked business consultant Linda Swerling of Level II Solutions, in Brookline, MA, to break down the financial essentials of partnerships and dissolution.

Time is money: Delays can be costly in accounting

Boston Business Journal, Keith Regan, November 28, 2008
Many companies use an interview process to select the right firm, said Linda A. Swerling, the president of Level II Solutions, a Brookline consultancy that handles turnaround operations and financial management for distressed companies.

To restructure debt, build a stronger banking partnership

Women’s Business, October 1, 2008
Bankers and other types of lenders have a financial interest in having their clients’ businesses remain strong and healthy. When businesses fail, lenders are faced with large write-offs, which negatively impact their own bottom line.

Doing Business Abroad – The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service

Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada, November 2008

Keep Your Business the Right Size

Lowe’s Commercial Services – “Lowe’s For Pros,” October 2008
Once you’ve created a roadmap, you must locate and define your own ‘Point A’, according to Linda Swerling, owner of Level II Solutions, a Brookline, Mass.-based business consultancy. “You can’t worry about growth until you understand your business at its current level,” she says.

Help! Someone Wants To Buy My Company

Mirus Capital "VIEWPOINT" Publication, August 8, 2008
The phone rings unexpectedly one day, and on the other end is a CEO wondering if you would be willing to sit down and talk about selling your business.

It's All About Proper Planning, Execution

Women's Business, July 2007
No matter why a business owner seeks a partnership with another person or company, success comes to those who take the time to explore possibilities...

Devise Your 20-year Plan

Lowe's Commercial Services - "Lowe's For Pros"
"Change has become continuous for business today," says Linda Swerling, a Massachusetts-based business consultant. Essentially, that means it’s going to...

Why You Need an Employee Manual - You want employees to project the right image and a handbook can help ensure that your workers are putting their best foot forward.

Lowe's Commercial Services - "Lowe's For Pros"
While drafting and maintaining an employee handbook may seem daunting to many employers, it actually can be a very useful tool to communicate work code and expectations to employees. When done properly, an employee handbook can serve as a resource that the staff will turn to for answers.

Develop an Employee Handbook Ensure that your employees know your mission and adhere to policies and procedures.

Lowe's Commercial Services - "Lowe's For Pros"
Far too often small business management has a tendency to overlook creating and distributing an employee handbook. This practice is a big mistake according to Linda Swerling, principal of Brookline, Mass.-based Level II Solutions.

Musical Chairs: Renovating Office Space While Working at the Same Time

Press Release, Brookline, MA, October 2005
Even more daunting than moving into a new office space is construction and moving within current offices. Whether renovating current confines or pushing into adjoining space, the hardest way to do a move is to have people work while construction is going on.

Fine-Tune to Support Business Needs

Women's Business, March 2005
As the center of revenue and expenses, the accounting department holds a pivotal role in the profitability of a business. Fine-tuned internal systems, interdepartmental communication, and financial reporting can make a significant difference in the bottom line.

Ensure Success with Due Diligence, Planning

Women's Business, July 2004
While many factors influence a business owner's desire to partner with another person or company — need to grow, feeling of isolation, desire to enter new markets — the success of any business partnership depends on due diligence and planning before the partnership agreement and then flawless execution of the plan after the announcement.

Focus on operations goes straight to the bottom line

Mass High Tech, June 2003
Smart companies that thrive in good times and survive in down times understand the how and why of business operations, accounting and sales. A focus on operations can make the difference between a company that just makes it and one that succeeds for the long term.

Early detection and follow-up are keys to small business bill collecting, July 29, 2002
Find out when your big accounts pay. Is it always on the 15th or the 30th of the month? Following up right after when the company pays bills can be a great way to decrease bad debt, says Linda A. Swerling, principal of Level II Solutions, a small business consultancy based in Brookline, Mass.

Assess Your Back Room with Red Flag Test

Women's Business, November 2000
Have you begun your year-end planning?
Take the time now to assess what shape your business is in so you can address problem areas and make your hard work more focused and more successful.

Managing Inventory - Internet/Web/Online Service Information

Home Office Computing, June 2000
After equipping your web site with e-commerce functions, it's easy to forget that the real work has just begun. You'll still have to contend with what happens when orders start coming in. Whether you're selling books, customized gift baskets, or model trains, inventory has to be counted, labeled, tracked, and shipped.

Family Businesses: Unique Benefits and Some Tricky Challenges

Women's Business, May 2000
Women are not only starting their own companies at record pace, they are also becoming increasingly involved at the senior management level in their own family's company.

Small business: Face it - some customers are worth losing, April 3, 2000
Prune your customer base of deadwood; cut the bottom 10 percent revenue producers, advises Linda A. Swerling.

Money in the maze: Collecting debts? It pays to get personal

Jacksonville Business Journal, April 24, 1998
Linda A. Swerling, principal of Level II Solutions, a management consulting firm in Brookline, Mass., said the key to collecting successfully is to "focus in the 60- to 90-day bracket."

Avoid growing pains when business begins to boom

Mass High Tech, October 13, 1997
To build an idea from start-up to a thriving and growing business requires not only a good idea but an experienced team of professionals.